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Manchester,Sat 31st of March

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sale moor methodist church,Northenden road,Sale Moor,nr Northenden Manchester.
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Still plan to come if the offer of a lift is still on the table... ? :)
SarahY said:
WoodWitch and I are coming, hurrah!

Yes it is Velvet_Meece :) You're going to be cramped in the back of my car, but it's not for too long.
Yay! I don't mind cramped, i'm only little anyways :p

Maybe one day i'll have meece to take too, but for now i'll just measure up the competition and observe :lol:
Bah my reds are no good, yet anyways, but i am deffo still joining when i have the spare cash, unemployment sucks naughty words :p

I think we're going to need nicknames when we're altogether! Your welcome to call me Shortarse or Titch, or as most people do just call me by my surname :lol: :roll:
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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