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Manchester Nov 1st

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SarahY will be judging at this venue.I'll be there as an exhibitor.You don't need to be a member to drop in and have a look.
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I'll also be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone :)
I'll be at Manchester from 4am, with Allison meeting me between 7.30 and 8am. We thought, if people didn't know where they were going, wanted some company, wanted to share taxi costs, then they could meet us at Manchester around 8 or 8.30 - giving us plenty of time to taxi to the show and help set up before more people arrive.
Offer is open to any one. Just let me know so that we know to look out for you and not leave without you. I'm happy to pass on my mobile number.
That's nice of you.I'm unable to attend now but Cait is kindly taking my entry .I'm going to Sowood later in the month.
I always seem to miss you, SarahC! I can't make Sowood but I will be at Worcester hopefully.
Good luck with your entry anyway!
we shall miss again then,I'm not at Worcester .
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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