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Manchester (NMC annual) September 11th

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Is anyone going up to the Annual?

I will be going, its not a very big show but there is a lovely italian down the road.... mmmm in the London Thread i talk about the Tody Carvery...... any connections??
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Thank you all for your kind comments I was delighted to win with my fav variety PEW and a doe as well. It was great to see Sam and at least Phils mice if not Phil, you and Sarah and Heather and all the other absent members were greatly missed. I hope to see you Matt now showing your Chocs and Blues at the shows and hopefuly your firend who came with you today . I now make a plea to all the forum members, please join the NMC and plase try to attend the shows and show off your pride and joys. The shows are where you pick up some fantstic tips for breeding and feeding and keeping your Mice. You can attain excellent stock also if thats what you need. If you feel shy ask for me at the show and I will take you round and introduce you to people.

Sorry for the long winded post

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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