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Manchester (NMC annual) September 11th

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Is anyone going up to the Annual?

I will be going, its not a very big show but there is a lovely italian down the road.... mmmm in the London Thread i talk about the Tody Carvery...... any connections??
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Congrats to Paul Hartley on his BIS at the annual today, well done mate.......may have picked up a little something myself along the way.
lol Iwas being uncharacteristically modest!..I won BOA in show with an ivory, which follows my BIS with a black at the London! There now, thats more like me eh?. Smith and Hollis best tan with a silver, Joe bennett marked with the oldest swinger in town! Don Parkinson satin with a cham and Sandside aov with a siamese. Big thanks to Sam(secret garden) for taking my stock up x.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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