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I title this thread in jest, but in actuality, most of our friends call our house the Zoo. I'll get the pictures out in a minute, but we've got three women and a dude living here. Most of the animals are owned by my girlfriend or myself. I'll go ahead and include the rest as well, though.

There are three dogs in the house. Two are ours and the other is fostered from the shelter.

Mischa is our dog, a mixed-up shelter pup we got a few years ago:

TigerLily is my roommate's dog, another shelter pup who's mostly pit mix:

Jesse is our foster, a cute little terrier mix who's been with us for a few weeks:

We also have three adult cats and three kittens. The kittens are all fostered from the shelter.
Bosie and Chessa are my girlfriend's cats. The former showed up in a WalMart parking lot, and the latter walked up to a friend's apartment pregnant with two kittens. Those kittens got rehomed to a friend.



Sweetie (not the kitten) is my cat, also from WalMart's parking lot. She was feral when we got her, but she's a snugglepants now:

The kittens were removed from a home that had been rather neglectful. The woman had two female cats she'd failed to spay or vaccinate, both of whom got pregnant and had 18 kittens between them. The cats and kittens all then got herpes and bacterial infections in their eyes. D: The two fluffy kittens, Simon and Olivia are from the first litter and are 9 weeks old, while Franklin is 8 weeks old.




We also have chickens, as I've mentioned elsewhere. We've got three Rhode Island Reds, one Silver Laced Wyandotte, and three or four eggs daily! :D

Robot (b&w), Garnet, and Beryl:

Ruby, with Garnet photobombing because she loves the camera:

Eggs! Please ignore golf balls. They tell the chickens where to lay eggs:

My girlfriend also keeps reptiles! She has one Common Snapping Turtle who's never bitten a soul. BowserReptar is terribly sweet for a turtle. We also rescued a pair of Mud Turtles from a bag of crawfish about to be boiled. Apparently they live off crawfish down in Louisiana, and crawl right into the fishing nets. :roll:




My girlfriend also-also has GPigs, a pair of black females. The older one is a medium-hair and the younger is a short-hair.

Coriander (l) and Chloe (r) on our corduroy fold-out:

If that's not enough animals for someone who lives inside city limits, I don't know what is. Fortunately, we've got nearly an acre of fenced yard plus a 3.5 bedroom house to keep all this craziness in. Anyway, I kept seeing photos of everyone else's animals, and just felt the need to share.


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Nice family. I've done some fostering, but am without a foster at the moment. My first foster ended up staying with us. I try to tell my hubby that having multiple types of pets and several of each isn't a big deal, but he grew up one base with one dog and a few mice for a short bit of time. thankfully that means he doesn't mind the mice too much. :) I think animals make our lives richer. Have fun with all of yours!

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Hey, if you can make it down to Arkansas, she's a sugar of a dog. She went to the Farmer's Market today, and got lots of snuggles, but no furrever home. When she came to the shelter, she was terrified. Once we got her home, she wouldn't eat dog food, still won't drink out of a bowl, and didn't know that she was supposed to live inside. We'd put her out to do her business, and she'd go hide under the bushes. Now she sleeps next to the bed and spends all her time on the couch snuggling or chasing off the robins in the yard. The best part of fostering is seeing the way animals turn around when they're getting good food and love.

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@thekylie: Oh, yes. That's Marisa. Other things in our house with silly names, some of which are not the kind you can repeat in public: the external harddrive, the lawnmower, the armadillo bobblehead in her car, the vacuum, and the unicorn-shaped key holder she bought for near the door. :roll:

@SarahC: A friend of ours works at the local fish market, and during crawfish season they boil innumerable pounds of crawfish. Fortunately, those two were the only turtles in all those hundreds of 50lb bags of crawfish, and the owner said they hadn't seen any in a few years. They're not cuddly, but they wouldn't survive in the wild around here, and they do eat remarkably well. Actually, all three of our carnivorous turtles eat really well for reptiles. I'm sure snakes are pretty and snuffly if that's your thing, but as hard as they are to keep alive, I don't think I could do it. If it doesn't want to eat, it doesn't want to live, imo.
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