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Lubenham 2014 NMC annual

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Hi all, a quick note for anyone unaware, that may benefit from knowing....

The 2014 National Mouse Club Annual is to be held THIS Saturday, 20th September in Lubenham (nr Market Harborough).

Here is the address:
Lubenham Village Hall
Laughton Road
Market Harborough
LE16 9TE

Obviously exhibitors now have their entries in but anyone can come along if they are interested in taking a look at a mouse show or learning more about the National mouse club. It is free to come in and refreshments will be available.

The show is run by myself and SarahY and amongst the panel of judges you will find SarahC. Cait will be exhibiting and I can be found in the kitchen. The secretary will be there in person so it might be a good opportunity to join up!

So please come along if you'd like!
Please note, it would be futile to come along with hopes of bringing home a pet mouse. Exhibitors will likely only bring along their exhibits and any pre-arranged swops.

Hope to see some forum faces there :)
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after a rubbish working week I'm looking forward to tomorrow.See you there :D
I really need to get myself a car ... even tho I dont live that far away it would take me 2 taxis and 3 trains to get there ... I would have to leave at 5.30 to get there in time for the showing to start and wouldnt get home until about 9pm ........... our public transport system isnt that great :( ... nevermind manchester isnt all that far away .....
its been a nice sociable day,local for me.Generally I have a 4.30 am start on show days but back by 6.30/7.30 pm.We are so very lucky compared to the epic journeys overseas exhibitors, particularly USA ones have to contend with.
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