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Last night I picked up my 12 new mice :) Most of them came in on a mousetrain from New York.
Still working on names and pictures.

I am so excited to FINALLY have some blue merles!

Zizou-Lilac satin doe
Nice Mouse- Pink Eyed White Buck
Baily-Blue Merle doe
Bella-Broken Blue merle doe
Dante-Blue Merle Buck
Goliath-Black self longhair doe
Tippy-Black self longhaired doe
Chokoray-Chocolate roan doe
-Dove longhaired doe
-Recessive Yellow Satin Doe
-Black self doe
-Black self doe

Some Pictures

Blue Merles


Chocolate Roan

Dove Longhair


Recessive yellow satin

Lilac Satin

A mixture of the does
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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