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Lost mousey

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Hi all

kinda at my wits end at the moment one of my 3 week old does has done a houdini on me :( ... i really cannot fatholm hows she has managed to escape as the tank is over a foot high and the tank is sitting on my dining table. Im so worried about her, ive turned the house upside down and just cant find her :(

i no theres not really much you guys can say im just so gutted, she must be so scared and hungry, if i dont find her i know for sure she will starve as she is still not yet fully weaned from mum.

have put a humane trap down with a few tasty treats in a desperate attemp to find her but im not hopeful

sorry for putting a downer on the festivities just feeling a bit poop :cry:
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awwwww lou im so sorry to hear that :cry:
i really hope u find her
FOUND HER!!!!! :gwavec she was camping out under the cooker!!! :shock: got her back in the tank with mum aunties and siblings im sooo chuffed :D first thing mam done was give her a wash haha
Even little meeces can jump a foot and a half to two feet; maybe time to invest in a screen top? And even with that, you shoudl get one with latches or put a weight on top of it. Several times I've had meeces cooperate and heave-ho until they shifted the top enough for one or more to squeeze out.

Oh, and once a mouse has been out they are more likely to go for it again, and be much, much harder to catch. I'm so glad you found her in time to save her.
Exactly Moustress I had a baby spiny mouse escape last week he escaped the second time Boxing Day I had such a job to catch him took till yesterday morning too find him and catch him.Lou Fraser if a baby ever escapes again put the tank whatever on the floor the baby will come back to the tank if it is hungry or smells hears .worksive done it
I've caught adults that way; just put a little tank with bedding, water, and some treats...the mousie sometimes cloimbs in, has a bite and a sip, and curls up to sleep.
thanks guys for the advice, i have make shift lid on the top of the tank for the time being, jumpy little buggers so they are!! :lol:
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