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Looking for - Siamese/Satin - Michigan

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Im in Michigan and im looking for some new mice and I dont know why I didnt know the Siamese were a thing XD so I am looking for some. Ive checked the breeders in the state and just right now no one has any. I am looking for females.
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If you are willing to drive to Maryland, I can supply you with Seal Point Siamese- Normal, Satin, and Splashed for free. I ask that all the mice that I provide remain as well-cared for pets after breeding. I do not care what happens to their babies.

Hopefully there are available breeders in closer proximity such as Limited Edition (search Facebook), however I always have an abundance of at least 20 Siamese bucks & does available.

Best regards,
Lake Mousery

Contact Email: [email protected]
If you can come to Wisconsin, you could try contacting Limited Edition Fancy Mice. Or Blip in Time for who's located in Chicago area.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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