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Looking for mice for sale in Leicester

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Hi everyone. I can't seem to find any mice in any of the pet shops in Leicester. I assume they may be reluctant to sell them for fear of them becoming food for someone's reptile! Not sure. anyway I'm looking to buy a mouse, preferably a blue buck if anyone has any but it's not necessary. they're lovely little creatures and I find you get way more fun and interaction with mice than say a hamster or gerbil. Anyway, if you live near the city centre or thereabouts and have some mice for sale please get in touch. I'm only looking for 1 male at the moment but possibly more in future. thank you!
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are you looking for one as a single pet or to breed :?:
I could sort you out a buck although not a blue one.I see you've opted for exotics.Not sure anyone on here keeps those.A few have zebras and multis but mostly fancies.
look forward to the pictures,I've never seen any beach mice.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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