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Looking for mice for sale in Leicester

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Hi everyone. I can't seem to find any mice in any of the pet shops in Leicester. I assume they may be reluctant to sell them for fear of them becoming food for someone's reptile! Not sure. anyway I'm looking to buy a mouse, preferably a blue buck if anyone has any but it's not necessary. they're lovely little creatures and I find you get way more fun and interaction with mice than say a hamster or gerbil. Anyway, if you live near the city centre or thereabouts and have some mice for sale please get in touch. I'm only looking for 1 male at the moment but possibly more in future. thank you!
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Hi Sarah. I'm looking for a buck. to have as a pet. thank you :)
Hi Sarah.

I've bought some beach mice. 2 males. but I'll keep you in mind for future. I'll post some pics of them both soon once they are settled in :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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