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looking for Long haired & Pygmy & dormice in AZ UT CO NV ID

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looking for A treo of Long haired mice, African Pygmy mice & African dormice as pets. Please, I am willing to pay extra

I live in Utah but, willing to drive to Wyoming, Idaho, Navada, Colorado, Arizona and northern New Mexico. As you my have suspected I have been looking for awhile so, I desperate.
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I'm trying to be helpful and not a smart ass, but you should reword your heading or use commas bc it makes it look like you are looking for long-haired pygmy mice. You should definitely be able to locate some long-haired fancy mice out that way, but I think folks may not read your post bc they think you're looking for long-haired pygmies. Pygmy mice may be very difficult to find wherever you live, dormice may be impossible. I believe they are illegal in most states, if not the whole country. Sorry to be Debbie Downer :( Good luck on your search! Too bad you aren't on the east coast, I have long-haired babies ready to go home in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for the tip. I have corrected that. I figured I won't find any pygmy or dormice but, it's worth a shot. I fond some pygmy mice in PA but, it's bit far to travel. I need to find somebody that will go pick them up and deliver them.

Long haired mice are likely. Do you have a pic of yours?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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