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Looking for breeders in Canada

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Hi there,

I have been keeping mice as pets for a few years now, so far I've only had pet store critters. With these poorly bred mice, the constant health problems are hard to handle. I love these animals as part of my family and it's breaking my heart (not to mention the vet bills are insane).

So, I am looking at going through a breeder and investing in animals with a better lineage and healthier constitution. Due to my location (I'm in Cranbrook, BC, not near any big cities) I will likely have to get the mice flown in to me. I understand some breeders are willing to do this (at the buyer's expense of course), and that it can be done without causing unnecessary strain on the mice. Does anyone know of a Canadian breeder with good ethics and lines, who in the future might be willing to ship a small group of does via air (I would likely be getting three or four at once - their plane transport is probably going to be a few hundred dollars, but you can get a few sent at once for that cost, rather than pay it each time for individual mice...I'm not that wealthy lol).

This would be a future plan for this summer or fall at the earliest - just doing the research in advance. Also, I don't expect any mousery to send their mice without knowing me. I would be willing to provide any information, communication or other details they wish, in order for them to feel comfortable with me and know that their little ones would be going to a good home. I offer my mice the best paper-based bedding and food I can find, and I am constantly consulting with other more experienced mouse keepers and learning as much as possible. Any mouse I bring into my home will be loved and spoiled rotten for their entire lives. I have not, and will not, breed any of my mice. Any questions let me know, thanks for your time in reading all this :D

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