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Looking for anything unusual or uncommon see post for detail

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I am looking to get a few more mice. I am located in Manitoba, Canada. I am willing to drive to meet so long as it's not more than a day trip. Looking for anything unusual or uncommon:
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I've searched for you but could not find any breeders. However if you mange to get your hands on some colored mice you can use the forum (or mouse house website) for a genetic guide to get different mice.
How does it work for crossing mice from the US into Canada? Just thinking, being located in WI.
You mean shipping mice? That is very expensive and usually done with a group of fanciers who share the costs. You must purchase 12 or more mice in bulk. I mean I would do it but it would be costly.
There are no regulations for shipping mice, as long as they're generally healthy its ok. I would consider driving to meet someone, I have plans now to maybe meet one member from this forum this summer, but I am always open to others as well!
Depending on the cost to ship some to me I would definitely consider that, Frizzle can you send me a pm? What do you have available?
I apologize I gave you shipping regulations for many California breeders not Canada. An honest mistake.
Thanks to Moustress, I now have 3 different tris (black/fawn, blue/cream, and yellow), Rex, Texel, and Hairless/fuzzy!

I am still going to be working to improve my tans and would be interested in adding foxes, but at this point I can wait until the perfect micies come along! I have so many now! (NOT COMPLAINING!!) :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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