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Looking for adult mouse - 1 yr +

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My Leif lives alone, and while she's been doing okay, I can't help but think she wants friends. When I adopted her in may, her owner said she had a buddy but she died, so she's been living alone. I got her off an ad from Craigslist, so the person didn't want to give me any info, like how long she was alone :roll: Long story short, I tried housing her mutliple times with my current mice, and it never worked out. Blood fights :/

Probably due to size, so I'm looking for a mouse that's almost as big as her. I'm by the Chicago area, but I'm willing to travel an hour or pay for gas if someone delivers...

Here's Leif
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I'm putting on a small animal expo in Ohio and there are a couple people coming that are from IL, including at least one from the Chicago area. You should post on the expo's FB page and see if anyone can bring you a mouse back. ;)

There's a guy going by the name of Max Stephens. He breeds mice and isn't far from Chicago. He might have something available if you contact him.
I want to go to that! I think it'd be so fun but I work at a restaurant and it's impossible to get off :( Do you mean like someone go to the show and pick one up for me? I think I know the person who's going there.

And thanks! I contacted him through fb, but since we aren't friends the message didn't go directly to his inbox :/

Thank you for the info!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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