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Mousery Name: Loganberry

Owned By: Heather McLean

Location: Surrey

Exhibition or pet Breeder?: Exhibition

Varieties Bred:
Selfs - silver, champagne, pink eyed white
AOV - argente
Tan - champagne tan
Satin - champagne, silver, PEW, argente

Origin of Mice: My original stock all came from renowned NMC breeders.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the varieties listed above.

BIS Spring Cup 2010 Argente satin:

BIS Enfield NMC Show 2010 Champagne satin:

BOA Summer Cup 2010 champagne self:

Champagne tan:

Baby Argentes:

Baby silvers:

3-4 week old argente:

Baby argente satin:

3-4 week old champagne satin:

4-5 week old cham tan:
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