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Hi all,

Just took some pictures of the litter that was born on the 1st of May to an argente doe (Jenny) and her dove son. There are 5 beautiful does:

These are the two keeper does, first the darker dove lady:

And secondly the paler dove girl:

I'm quite excited because at this stage these doves have less tan on their ears and vents than the last ones did at 3 weeks old, but the adult coats will show for sure if they're better.

Also, my other argente doe had a litter of 6 to the same buck yesterday, and I have two silver does due anytime from Monday.


Sarah xxx

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I just love that first photo, with the little girl looking right into the camera, with her big ears, and cute little nose, and her beautiful coat... :love1 I just can't get over how cute some of those big english ears can be - I want 'em!
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