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List of Pink-eyed dilution...

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This list helps me when Im trying to remember what Pink-eyed dilution does to certain colors.

Pink Eyed black=Dove (aa B* D* pp)
Pink Eyed Blue= Silver (aa B* dd pp)
Pink Eyed chocolate=champagne (aa bb D* pp)
Pink eyed Lilac= Lavender (aa bb dd pp)
Pink-eyed agouti= Argente (A* B* D* pp)
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Thanks for the list! Everyone here should really get together and make Mouse Genetics for Dummies book...
I also did a list for what the Agouti does for selfs:

Agouti black= agouti (golden agouti) (A* B* D* P*)
Agouti chocolate= cinnamin (A* bb D* P*)
Agouti blue= blue agouti (A* B* dd P*)
Agouti dove= Argente (A* B* D* pp)
Agouti lilac= lilac agouti (A* bb dd P*)
A mouse genetics book for dummies would be neat :)
Verminarium published one a couple years ago.

Agouti-based mice are not technically selfs. They're AOV.
PE red = true fawn (Ay/* p/p)

PE recessive yellow (e/e p/p)

PE brindle (Avy/* p/p)

Argente creme (pink-eyed chinchilla): (Aw/* cch/cch p/p)
I forgot about the one Verminarium published.
I keep meaning to find it and buy it,but havent done it yet.

Opps, cant believe I forgot brindle & Recessive yellow.
You're very welcome! :)

I flipped through her book at a Rodent Fest but I didn't really get the chance to read it, but she is one of the kindest and most intelligent mouse people you'll ever meet.
I agree! I emailed her awhile back and she was very,very helpful and explained things very well
I wonder how widely it was published and if you can find it on Interlibrary loan in a public library...
I wonder if I can get my library to order it
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