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lifts/car pools for shows

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hi, i really would like to go to a show at some point but would like to go with someone who has already been before and also knows where they are going (i drive but im a bit useless if im in a new place) so i was wondering if people who go would consider giving lifts to people who dont have the transport etc?

i would love to go to any of the shows so if anyone will be going from/or passing though nottinghamshire area i would happily pay for some petrol :)

im sure other people would like to have the opportunity so i suppose here is as good a place as any to post about it
You could post where your from and where your headed if you want to cut your fuel costs down by taking other people
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we have a show early summer in Leicestershire.There is a train station not to far,could probably pick you up from there.It wouldn't be much of a drive from Notts though.
Leicester is better,I pass right by it on the way to the show so it would probably lessen the cost of the ticket slightly and I wouldn't need to go off route.Alternatively I could meet you at j21 services of the m1 and you could follow which would allow you the freedom to go home when you chose.
the offer is there for pick up from Leicester or meet up on the m1.If you are still keen nearer the time you can let me know.We'll post up the dates for the show after we've published it in the mouse club magazine.
the date will be in the NMC News before elsewhere.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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