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lifts/car pools for shows

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hi, i really would like to go to a show at some point but would like to go with someone who has already been before and also knows where they are going (i drive but im a bit useless if im in a new place) so i was wondering if people who go would consider giving lifts to people who dont have the transport etc?

i would love to go to any of the shows so if anyone will be going from/or passing though nottinghamshire area i would happily pay for some petrol :)

im sure other people would like to have the opportunity so i suppose here is as good a place as any to post about it
You could post where your from and where your headed if you want to cut your fuel costs down by taking other people
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Would have liked to have gone to Harrogate, however i've just had to spend my last pennies on Rodent food, so probably best i don't or i'll be sulking all day because i can't buy anything :p

Will deffo be at Leic, even if it means dragging my fella along and making him sit there bored all day!
and i should be at Mancs shows this year too thanks to the lovely peeps here on the forum :)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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