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My mice :) Thought i may aswell show off some of my mice...

First we have set up 1...
Minnie (Agouti?)

Squidge (Dove Broken White Tan?)

Clark (unrelated to minnie) (Agouti broken?)

set up 2
Mickey (related to minnie) (Agouti?)

Tails (Black Broken White?)

Spots (Black Broken White?)

Lois (Dove Broken White?)

Sonic (Black Broken White?)

and set up 3
Tom (related to minnie and mickey) (Agouti Broken White)

...who's boyfriend to Tiny (unrelated female, one i bred couple of months back) (Light Agouti Broken White?)

I'm not an expert with the colour morphs yet, so any help is appreciated!
Thanks, Lucy :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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