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Lavender- what it is and how does one breed one

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Someone made reference to the color lavender and I can't find the info. Does anyone have the scoop on this?
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I was told that Silver (pink eyed blue) X champagne (pink eyed chocolate)= Lavender.
The gene code a/a b/b d/d p/p

But I could be wrong. Ive never delt with lavenders, so no idea.

This is where I first seen one, but I read about them on another forum. Im trying to remember which forum though,lol.
Lavender is a/a b/b (or bc/bc) C/* (or C/c) d/d p/p mouse.

In other words, a pink-eyed lilac who does or does not carry PEW.

It's a very light shade and most proper show champagnes are actually lavenders. (Pet store-derived champagnes are always too dark.)

The lavender on TFM page is terribly dark and I doubt she's even lavender at all.
This is from the East Coast Mouse Association's standards:

ECMA said:
Lavender-Color is to be an even pinkish shade of lavender. It should be a nice blend of silver and champagne. Eye color is pink.
In show circles, lavender is not uncommon. It's just usually bred light and shown as champagne.
Then what's a/a b/b d/d p/p?
oh ok, I get it now, I skipped over part of your post and didnt put it all together,lol
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