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Latest pics of Millies babies

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Approx a week and a half/two weeks of age (4 x broken black tan babies) - just starting to develop their tan tummies xx

Keeping this one:

This one already has a home to go to when he/she is big enough:

remaining two:

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The bottom baby is a cutee :) Beatiful meeces :D
Do they have tan bellies?
yeah they have their tan tummies. Not as much tan as i was expecting, but perhaps it will darken in once they grow a bit more. They're not even 2 weeks of age yet, so there's time yet :) xxx
Ooooh! Absolutely gorgeous! Well done you (or should I say the meeces) x
lol :lol: i'll be breeding them again once Millie is ready. can't wait. Plus i've got 4 pregnant does at the moment. Lord knows what they're going to have colour wise and marking wise. I love the waiting game :D xx
TOO CUTE!!! :mrgreen:

I love your meeces; they are so beautiful, and I just keep hoping I'll be able to breed broken black tans soon....
*Keeps fingers crossed for you* xxx
I wanna see the bellies! Itsybitsybabybellies!
lol i'll try and get some pics tomorrow. surprisingly they don't have much tan on them :? I will try and get pics tomorrow....if the wriggly little things will stay still!! they're out exploring their enclosure with the mum at the moment lol :lol: super tame already, literally step onto my hand :D
I love it when they're that tame. My store mice don't get like that, but my babies do. :D
I'm lucky as all my mice are really tame, breeding adults and the babies - they're all daft but cuddly and tame. a few of them come to me when called too - especially Lily, she's a big squishy softy! xx
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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