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La souris

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A central location for posting all of the La Souris mice.
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Blanche-PEW Doe
Pros: Lovely temperament, decent size considering bloodline, good health, carries long hair
Cons: Color, poor long hair, small eyes
Vertebrate Toy Comfort Rodent Pink

Hand Finger Nail Creative arts Art

Rat Whiskers Rodent Fawn Pest
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Éclaboussure-broken marked blue doe
Pros: Size (in relation to bloodline), temperament
Cons: Poor pattern
Vertebrate Carnivore Organism Mammal Fawn

Rodent Whiskers Rat Snout Muroidea
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Thé-grey agouti doe
Pros- Better ear set, big eyes
Cons- Small, not as calm

Rat Rodent Finger Whiskers Fawn

Eye Rat Rodent meadow jumping mouse Whiskers

Gesture Finger Thumb Nail Fawn
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts