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The few times I've placed my meeces I always made sure that the people who got them understood that I would take the animals back if for any reason they didn't want to keep them.

And I also sometimes get really bummed and stressed out on occasion when things don't go the way I'd planned; at times like that the work seems too much to be worth the pain. Failed litters, deaths of favorites, weird accidents; all things that sap the enjoyment from the mousekeeper; these things pass. And then I'll have a successful litter, watch them grow, open their makes it all worth while again.

Other people can be so unreliable when it comes to critters; I've never been asked to keep someone else's meeces, but I did provide a home for two kitties that belonged to a friend of my son, and it turned out to more than just a hassle. It was an ordeal because so many things had not happened with these animals before they came to me. the part about the male not being fixed was the worst...though the fact that neither cats had their shots up to date really lowered my opinion of the owner, which was already minimal, since I never met her. I did a lot of running back and forth to the vet to get things dealt with, and got scant thanks. I really love critters in general and look with scorn on pet owners who don't take care of their animals properly. It's a little different, I would guess, taking in a few ratties or mousies for a month or so; still when the owners don't do what they said they would, it must be frustrating and hurtful.

I would miss my mousies too much, I'm sure, if I were to get rid of all of them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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