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just thought i'd post recent pics of all my mice!

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here they are!





cocoa bean (pregnant with blueberry)

marble (pregnant with blueberry)

baby (renamed. used to be razzberry but my mom kept calling her baby and it stuck!)





iris (she has 2 white spots on her tail so doesnt that mean she carries a broken gene?)

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wow that is very helpful, thank you! :D . so if everything on the a-locus is dominant to ae, how will you be able to find out if your mouse carries it or not?
You're very welcome. I love helping people with mouse genetics. :)

The only way you'd be able to tell if any of your mice carried ae is by careful breeding of siblings over and over. If the mice have anything else going on at any other loci, it complicates matters because you might not be able to tell even if your mouse is ae/ae. For example, most of the c-locus dilutes (himalayan, beige, albino) show little difference on an ae/ae background as opposed to an a/a background*. One example that Finnmouse gives is ae/ae chocolates. They lack the reddish shade that is required for good chocolates, but you might not know that that's what's up because everyday "poor" chocolates also lack that. Extreme non-agouti is not very common in the US outside of the New England area or LA. You see it almost exclusively at mouse shows.

*This is true up to a point. The best siamese are probably ae/ae ch/ch.
Extreme black cannot be achieved by breeding normal black to be darker. You can get a better black mouse that way, but extreme black is way beyond's hard to trace of pink even in the 'pink' of the eye or the tip of a toe. Thje ones I had must have been ae ae because they were weird looking; huge long tails and big ears with a relatively tiny body and head. I got the biggest mouse I ever bred from a pairing with the extreme black buck that yielded Monster who was 12 1/2 inches from nose to tail tip. the female never conceived, so I let the gene lapse, but it's probably still hiding in the mix somewhere. The overly dark chocolates are probable evidence of that.

People offering judgment on pet mousies beyond responding to the substance of the inquiry or of the purpose of the post is pointless, as this is not a judging area at a show. Become a judge and do it at shows, and no doubt you all will be very well received. some of us just love mousies, even if their coats are 'poor', just because, hey, they're mousies, and we love 'em.
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