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I managed to buy all the bits for a chamber and I made one. I used it on one of my very sick mice unfortuneatly it was one of my
herefords so I'm very upset but it needed to be done she was suffering, she was extremely skinny and ears down fur up etc.
It didn't go to well as when pressing the trigger gently for some reason made a huge gust of gas in the beginning and I'm guessing that really frightened her. she started gasping and it really didn't look nice, I'm not good at this,
but after a little while it calmed down and she fell asleep.
Does any1 know why it was difficult to push the trigger gently and why it made so much gas in the beginning.
Has anyone else have small problems like this?
I bought exactly the same pump as doms btw.

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Thanks dom.

me and my OH unfortuneatly decided to put to sleep the rest of my sick/sneezing mice. I am devastated at the moment, and I really
hope I did the right thing :cry:. I've just been crying most of the morning as I did it very early. It went a lot smoother then the first time, I got more of a feel for just how gentle I needed to be, I still think I could've done it a bit better, by leaving a longer gap in between short bursts.
My two lovely satin boys took
a bad turn and they were starting to lose weight, their ears were back, fur was ruffled and they were cold and had loss of appetite, and they looked so sad :cry:. my other hereford was sneezing up what looked like blood ( i've read in another thread that it isn't though?) and I just took this as a sign she was on her way. I also put to sleep the sneezing babies I had, as I
thought that as they were born with this problem and also being very small, they would eventually end up with worse symptoms. :(

I have done my best to make sure my lastest litter is growing big and healthy, whereas in the first litter a lot of them got sick around the 2 week mark, this litter it thriving. So I hoping I've finally done something right.

I just thought that, from reading so much stuff on here, it just seemed inevitable that they all would eventually get worse.
And it was mentally straining me because I knew it was gonna happen that the rest get worse, and I didn't want to see them
like this, looking ill and being unhappy. It was just a matter of when.
They seemed to have good days and then really bad days. It just didn't seem right.

I hope I didn't make a mistake? I just feel so bad about it but they looked really miserable and it was heartbreaking seeing them like this. :cry:
I hope they will forgive me :cry: :cry: :cry:
I miss them so much!!
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