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just a thought...

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One of my does is sitting on a large litter (16) and I decided to start feeding her scrambled egg yolk today, and after it cooled I mixed in some meal worms, which she seems to be picking out, and not eating! Would it be possible to mix the meal worms in while the yolks are cooking, so the meal worms will get covered in the egg yolk, giving her *hopefully* more of a chance to eat them, or would they lose some of the nutritional value if they are cooked? Any advice with this is appreciated. :)
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Why don't you just give her the mealworms separately in a small bowl or by hand? It might be that they go soggy when mixed with the egg and taste different/not nice.
You can just give cooked chicken or turkey instead of the mealworms.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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