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Joined a fish forum..

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..and I really want to put the FMB banner in my signature, but i'm only allowed:
Up to 1 images
Images up to 600 x 300 pixels
Up to 5 URLs
Up to 5 lines

My banner is 250x108 pixels, and as i'm only allowed one picture, could I mingle the two together in one banner?
(ie put one image above the other)
And then underneath i'd put a link to here :)
Would you lovely mods let me?
Don't worry i'm being good and I won't put a bad name on this amazing forum!
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Could I possibly have one made the same size as my banner, so I can save the image as one ontop of the other. It'll fit into the allowed banner image space :)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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