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This is my lovely male roan syrian hamster who is called Jack he is about 15 weeks old now. When we collected our female mice from the rescue I saw they had a lovely roan hammy which you don't often see and I knew I had to have him. He came into them as part of an unwanted litter. One of his siblings was an eyeless which due to the people who breed them breeding 2 roans together as roans carry the lethal gene (eyeless white gene). On the way home he slept in the corner of my elbow and on my lap. He is very friendly, loving and gentle. There is a possibility that he has some kind of petty mal epilepsy as he will just crash out in the middle of his cage, by his food bowl, there has been times where he has fallen off his wheel and its like him just staring into nothing and then he gets up and starts moving again then he will have to go back to bed for a while as epileptic fits can make people/animals tired. Hopefully he will live a long life and he has me who spoils him.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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