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Ivy's Litter

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Sad news - I have lost Ivy's first litter :(

To explain further last Sunday I found her lying in her tank, it looked like she had a servere head tilt and wasn't moving around very much so I wasn't sure if she'd even make it through the night, I gave her some fluids via syringe and took her to the vet. He agreed that it was a head tilt and that because it just occured it's most likely been a fall or some kind of trauma and said the best way forward was to try and nurse her through this and if in a week she was no better then it would probably be better to have her pts.

Obviously being pregnant meant she couldn't have steriods I did say to the vet that I was more concerned about her well being but he said it would be more dangerous to her if the litter was compromised at this point in the pregnancy.

Well she has been improving over the last few days but she gave birth yesterday and has cannabilsed the entire litter. I don't blame her, either they were stillborn due to being injured during the same trauma that hurt mum or via the examination at the vet or whatever reason and if they weren't I can understand mum realising that she couldn't properly care for them in her condition and now I just have to work really hard to get her back to health.

So I thought I would pop a little memorial on here to my lost litter, born and died 4/6/2011
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That is so sad. I hope she recovers and is able to have another litter in the future.
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