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I'm sad to say I had to have Ivy PTS on tuesday. She had a major head tilt caused by what I pressume was a fall as it happened so suddenly. She however was also heavily pregnant so treatment was limited to baytril and fluids to try and nurse her better. She delivered her pups and cannabilsed the entire litter which I wasn't surprised about to be honest and I was in a way relieved that now we could focus on her. She progressively got worse and when it came to the check up appointment to see how she was doing she was very upset and unsettled, refusing to eat or drink and not moving around much, so we made the decision to end her suffering :(

I will miss her greatly.
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What a shame! I'm sorry for your loss but at least she isn't suffering anymore :(
I'm sorry that you lost her Debs :( Poor Ivy :(
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