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It's a hard life!

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My puppy :D how she doing after her op? she looks happy enough :)
she spent 2 miserable weeks with a cone on her head, then when i took her to have the stitches out, one had got a little embedded, so another week and some antibiotics and she is absolutely fine.

beautiful doggie :)
We often say the same to Saffy - "It's a hard life being a dog. Sleeping, eating, chasing a ball, swimming in the brook and exploring the park."

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What breeds are they? Saffy looks like a mutt.
MH's looks like a Thompson setter. Or maybe an English shepard.
FeralWolf said:
What breeds are they? Saffy looks like a mutt.
Saffy is a Labrador retriever.

my Dog, Holly, is a cross breed: some sort of border collie/german shepherd mix. she is smaller than a german shepherd bitch, but larger than a border collie dog.

Saffy is indeed a lab. I've been told by a show breeder/judge that she would have made a good show dog in her youth (or may have been one - we don't know as she came from a rescue). I just love her as she is, with all her white hair and missing teeth :mrgreen:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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