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I'm a relative (see almost complete) newby to the world of mice, and am dealing with a newborn litter and the possibility of pregnant mice (problem explained here - )

My question is (because I'm really not sure):
Is the following mouse pregnant or just fat, from some angles it looks like it is, and some it looks like it isnt. It was fat, and with access to wheels and lots of space to run was slimming down, and is now fat again.


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Kage Davies said:
Ffff told you so :p.

Sorry, immature I know. I bet Morning Star's not so secretly disappointed though.
naahh we don't want to breed over eating fatty mice.

she and the two she's living with have been put on a very basic food mix diet now.

No mealies, seeds, etc etc etc for them just the basic hamster mix with the odd dog bone. They are all getting chubby and could do with it!

wish we named the white one 'whale' or 'marshmallow' now!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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