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Is it worth...

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Hey all,

Is it worth showing mice you know have obvious faults (ie light set-ons, tan vents, etc) not because you think they have a hope in hell of winning, but to get an experienced critique on your mice and how the line can be improved? Or will the judges see showing sub-standard mice as an annoyance?

Sarah xxx
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I am reading this thread with utter despair, I had no idea the maxey cages were so hard to get hold of. Stupidly, I assumed that the NMC would sell them......eep!
£15 does not sound like an unreasonable price, when you consider the work that must go into one. As my woodworking skills are somewhat limited to banging in the odd nail I don't think I will be trying to make my own! Useful to know that about the Enfield shows Lisa, but it is doubtful that I would be going to those shows.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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