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Hi , not a large scale breeder . Just have a few mice and want to learn about the color g and hair length genetics . i have some experience in this with other species so am not novice to genetic terminology or breeding patterns.
I'm in Seattle if any others would like to swap mice. I also breed (or rather am working on) crested budgies if anyone has or sees them anywhere i am on a hunt for visuals.
Thanks I hope this will be rewarding .
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Hello and welcome!
mouse colour genetics is a 'deep rabbit hole', fur types/length etc is quite straight forward, merry christmas and welcome, have fun
hello and welcome to the forum
Thanks all OOOH boy! Rabbit holes! sounds like fun . I mean really Alice had a good time right ? Lot's of questions about other stuff like ear placement and set on and such . I suppose it comes down to inching along(or perhaps cm) selecting and no such straight forward stuff like hair length though . tips I would appreciate. I'll be posting a bit as i get kits going . I'm out today to see if I can't get a new mouse . BTW any GNW US mousers here?
WA OR Seattle Portland???
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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