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Inter breeding???

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Hi there, was just wondering, it looks like a lot of people interbreed there mice?? is this safe and should it only be done with certain varietys?? From what i know of i dont think you can get deformed mice (if they are inter bred) was just wanting some more info???
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Dont use the words in breeding. use the words breeding in. now it will make sense. Breed close relatives who both share the same feature together. If you breed two mice with the same fault together, you will give inbreeding or breeding in a bad name.(This fault can be lack of vigour, por fertility, etc ) The results are up to the breeders. It takes two generations to fix a true breeding colour. You can closely inbreed for thousands of generations if its done right.
I did not say it wasnt the correct term, I do not recall linebreeding being mentioned either. Nor do I recall mutations being mentioned either. What are you on about ? Perils are in the hands of the breeder. We were not talking about nature.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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