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ingredients from horse feed

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after a rather brisk ride today (i say brisk, we were chased by some cows) :lol: i finally remembered to have a look at the ingredients to the alen and page 'old faithful's special blend' here it is:

where there are stars is where the text was too bad to read
by descending weight:
25%-40% Barley
**-10% molasses#Maize
calcium carbonate
expelled linseed
oat straw
sodium chloride
Di-calcium phosphate
expelled soya oil
FOS/MOS prebiotic
herbs (they wrote herbs twice) :roll:

and it says:

Protein 10.0%
Fibre 7.0%
Moisture 13.3%
Vit A 10,000 iu/kg
Vit D 1,500 iu/kg
Vit E 80 iu/kg
OIL 3.0%
Ash 7.5%

what do we think then?
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The only thing I would say is that mice are supposed to hate mint... I'll have to find out why as I think I know where I read it... I'll get back to you :lol:
Other than the mint I don't see anything mice would object to, though as you say you'd need to add a few other things to it. I found the place I read about mice and mint and all it said is that it's a natural deterrant and they really hate it! I think perhaps that might mean they won't really eat that food...
Did you ever try the mice with anything new Daisy? The price of my food is constantly rising at the moment and I've altered my mix slightly with no ill effects but I don't use horse foods as such, only straights plus some others things.
I'm currently using Bailey's Best British Oats, mixed flake (barley, maize and pea), barley (they eat more of this so I add more than is in the mixed flake), mixed wild bird seed, Wafcol Greyhound Maintenance dog food and Breederpack broken dog biscuits (like Bonios etc). The Wafcol is not from a special shop, just a farm shop. You can use any brand you like really as long as you get good results and the mice eat it! It might be worth bearing in mind though that working dog food has no VAT on it.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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