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so all, how did you all come to own mice and get into showing???? what was your first type of show mouse??
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I just got into mice. I just wanted to breed som food for my ferrets, and to make sure that the mice had a good life and a humane dead, as I am not sure about the ones I can buy. But then I talked to some friends, and discovered that there is a lot more to mice, and got interested in trying to breed som good colours and better type, so I got a hobby instead of just ferretfood.

I live in Denmark and we do not have shows like you, and neither good types (some is better than others, but showtypes are almost nonexisting here, and the best ones wouldnt stand a chance at one of your shows). I hope to get some better types in time, and it could be great if we had shows too.
Thats ok :) It could be great to get some mice from the UK, so maybe I will try to get some later on. It is just a pretty expensive trip.

and I hope there will be shows here in the future. I participate in and arrange ferret shows, so it would be fun to try with the mice too.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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