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Inbreeding question

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I hope I dont come off sounding dumb, but...
If you breed a brother(black) and sister together(black) I know both will carry whatever colors their parents were(chocolate & blue) but would they also carry the hidden traits ( silvers, champagne, etc)?
If bred together could they show those hidden traits in a litter?
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They could, yes. It depends on what their grandparents and great grandparents (and so on) were. If none of them were PE, then probably none of the brother X sister mating will be PE.
They could yes.... if they *only* carried choc and blue, the possibilities would be this...

aaBBDD 4 6.25% - Black
aaBbDD 8 12.5% - Black, carrying choc
aaBBDd 8 12.5% - Black, carrying blue
aaBbDd 16 25% - Black, carrying blue & choc
aabbDD 4 6.25% - Chocolate
aabbDd 8 12.5% - Chocolate, carrying blue
aaBBdd 4 6.25% - Blue
aaBbdd 8 12.5% - Blue, carrying choc
aabbdd 4 6.25% - Lilac

If they carry other stuff... well the possiblities are endless...
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When I saw this question, Willow, of course I thought of you. :)
LOL... and my first line carries PE and PEW aswell... I have about 3.6% chance of getting lilac. lol

My second line only carries PE, so that should improve things a tiny bit!

W xx
It makes it harder not knowing what the parents carry, but at elast I can get a general idea at what I could get.
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