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Keep inbreeding and outcross only if and when you need to! If you have a line of really fantastic mice, you won't want to potentially ruin them with an outcross that isn't really needed. If you do need to outcross you need to pick mice that will improve on the faults in your mice, and only choose a different colour if you can't find stock in your original colour. I don't know what colour(s) you intend to breed so I can only give you examples. If you were breeding silvers and they are not that great you'd want to get in some excellent silver stock, as these are readily found. If your mice are on the weedy side but you can't find any good stock the same variety, you might want to outcross to an enormous PEW. If you're breeding blue or chocolate mice and they are a bit pale and suffer from tan vents but the type is good, you might want to outcross to a proper show black.

Mice show modifiers and carried colours a lot more than rats do, so whatever you pick you have to be careful that it won't ruin the existing colour. I've learnt that with my doves - there is champagne in the background of my doves, and any doves that carry the chocolate gene are a murky, muddy grey by the time they're all grown up.

I am also developing Abyssinian mice (fingers crossed nothing happens to my original trio in the next few weeks and I get some Aby kittens out of them of course!) and it's going to be very tricky balance between outcrossing for type and inbreeding for rosette quality. If you outcross for type too much you'll lose the rosettes, and if you inbreed too much the resulting Abys will be small and weedy as they were from feeder/pet lines originally. There are some fabulous Abyssinians here: It's going to take a few years to get to that kind of quality I reckon! :lol:

Sarah xxx
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