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okay, so Zen was all alone, and when I tried to put her with Tink Tink attacked her. Reading on the forum suggested that since they are group pets I should get Zen friends. I brought home two female fancy mice for Zen, that were together in the cage so I knew they would get along.

I cleaned Zen's cage, while having the three of them [Zen + two new - named Inky and Butters] all together. They were doing awesome no hassles but when I put them all together Zen would pick on them a little bit.

They are new, so I'm curious as to if this could workout or if i should find a new home for Zen, as to she is a very unsocial little creature. I don't know if its safe to leave them together or not... I have no idea what to do right now.

Please help me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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