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IDing colors for my Database, help?

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Ok I have 5 litters I need to figure out. I will post the pic then list what I think I have, anyone who knows better than I, please correct me if I am wrong :?

This is Meener and G'Honner's Litter. I believe there is a black sitting on its haunches, an agouti at the bottom and an agouti to the right, but the top middle I do not know and I do not know if it has pink eyes or not.

This is Meener and Wild Goddess's litter. In it I see from left to right, blue, agouti, possibly lilac?, and black.

This is Meener and Sandi's litter. Going clockwise from the top I think they are: Blue, 3 unknown with the last being Satin.

Here is Meener and Jezzi's litter. On the left is a black, then on the right, top to bottom, Agouti, I don't know, then blue?

Lastly is Meener and Dahlia's litter. To the left is an Agouti possibly tan, then next to it a black tan, below that is blue then blue agouti.

Ok can anyone give me an idea of what the ones I do not know might be and correct me if I am wrong on any that I tried to identify?
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I can't keep all of these, I was hoping someone might have an idea what colors they are. I will have to cull the ones I don't know so I don't go breeding bad colors. Or is it just so hard to tell until they are older?
I'd love to help but the pics are too blueish and small for me to see clearly.
Yeah, the colors are all muddled to even guess if you're correct or not.
Funny they look clear to me. I will get new photos and this time use artificial lighting, apparently my camera doesn't like the sun even on the natural light setting.
I see RY, black, brindle (?), agouti, and blue.
I second Rhasputin on various colors...It looks like you have quite I mix. Some could actually be both blue and RY or RY and agouti...not sure about brindles either. Closer photos in natural light would helpful.
I'll get pics here shortly, and those were in natural light. This time I am using artificial. No brindles, and if there are any yellows this time they are really crummy. The ones I am not that sure of look beige almost but with pink undertones like siamese without points.

Here they are again. I started with the litters shown on a shirt in the bowl but after chasing the third litter all over the room after they climbed out I ditched the shirt and just used the bowl lol. I did some adjustment on the pics with the shirt to get the actual colors of the mice but it messed with the color of the shirt, go figure! The shirt is not really either color but the mice are correct ha ha! I have decided that most likely I will be keeping the two black tans and possibly culling the rest, but if I have anything you think is off the wall I will consider keeping it :D Thanks!
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