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Let each buck have a good run round the other buck's cage. Make sure they do a wee and, if you want, put each buck with the other one's wives for just a minute so that she smells of him. Then put everyone back in their original cages. This would result in all sorts of manly behaviour because each buck will want to claim his own territory back, including his females.

If it has only been 2 weeks though, the females would only just be starting to show anyway. Also the doe is in season around every four days and the buck can't mate with her until she is in season, so this could add another three or four days to the expected gestation time, meaning your does could have another week and a half left before birth.

I've only ever had one buck that didn't do his job at all, with my other males I wouldn't worry until 3 and a half weeks have gone by at least, although mine are manly breeding machines and always get the doe first time :D

Sarah xxx
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