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I have a question about a new mouse of mine, named Juice. He's kind of a mystery to me, especially since I've never worked with diluted mice before. He's satin, which is making the color-figuring more difficult, black eyed (the red is from the flash), and was picked out of a cage where the only other newly-deposited satin mice were red-eyed broken marked fawns. He appears to have a very, very, VERY faint pattern on him which looks a creamy almost yellow to me and includes his head and most of his back/bottom. Himi has been discussed, and I'm actually wondering about c(e)/c with A/*, which according to finnmouse could result in a off-white to beige mouse with "uneven coloring." I'm not clear on how broken might show through with c locus dilutes, and I would welcome as many opinions and ideas on the color and/or genotype of this little guy as possible. He'll be getting a test cross with a pew mouse if no one corrects me in a few weeks when his isolation is up, until then, all help welcome!

And here for your assistance in identification, I give you "Juice" the mouse:

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This is his barely (and I mean boyfriend still can't see it) distinguishable pattern, drawn out by my goofy self for reference:

Any ideas on what this little fellow IS? Thanks in advance!
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