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I need self control - Now with Pics

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There should be a mouse-a-holic's anonymous!

I couldn't resist getting two new girls. I believe Button is a chocolate self? is that right? and Fidget i know is a dove tan :D but she has a white fleck on her forehead which i couldn't resist for the cuteness factor! (also their coats are super soft and shiny....could they be satins too? as i already have a dove tan - Ollie - but her coat isn't like Fidget and Buttons)

heres the pics:

and Button:

(I'm unsure what it's classed as if it's classed as anything in particular but Button has a darker nose than the rest of her coat)

Enjoy the pics xxx
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Fidget is the spitting image of my baby Minnie :D I love the colour of Button - it looks like a minky colour :p
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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