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I know I shouldn't but this is m favourite.......

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I have a total of 7 baby nethies at the moment and they're all scrummy but I literally shrieked with delight when I picked this little opal up yesterday.......thankfully I have 2 of them so everything crossed at least 1 is a girl, if they both are then they're both staying ;)

I also have another blue otter who's a poppet

And 2 GORGEOUS silver foxes......check out the diddy ears on this little fella

Hope you like and I hope you all agree with my favourite :lol:
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before I bred nethies I also believed the common mis conception that Nethies were bad tempered - some of my does are little madams but Scooter (my buck) is truly wonderful, loving, freindly and very sweet natured.

so no, I don't think they're nasty I think they're wonderful ;)
Rowangate said:
I think the Opal is the prettiest.
yey someone agrees with me :cool:
that one's still my favourite but this one's growing into a little beauty too........

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