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Yesterday I receieved three new lovelies from the fabulous Heather @ Loganberry Stud, Quite frankly, I want to be like her when I grow up! LOL
The first... is a boy, a very gorgeous boy that will hopefully have many gorgeous babies in my mousery. He's Champagne, so he will be a foundation buck in my lilac lines, plus he is a satin carrier, so once I have a sufficent amount of first gen lilacs, then he will be moved over to my satin lines :D

Nooo! No pictures, i'm SHY!

Oh, go on then... but i'm not smiling!!

...My ears are my best feature!

Next, are two Champagne bred PEW's, who I have nicknamed Kinky and Boots... I managed to lose one of them under my computer desk during this photoshoot, but got her out in about five minutes hehe Seems these girls are brave jumpers. If they don't wanna be on my hand, they wont be, no matter how high the fall! hehe!
They are sisters, and i'm deciding who to put them in with once the quarantine is done, they could work as a foundation for my other lilac line, but do I want albino in there? I'm gonna have enough trouble with the pink eyed gene! lol Though on the brightside, easily spotted from day one!

The world... its so BIG!! *le gasp*

Gorgeous super model mouse! hehe

I hopes you love my gorgeous meece, and thanks again to the lovely Heather for helping me out!

Willow xx
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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