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I got three new mice! Will post pics as soon asts were home!

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So excited, one I believe is a banded, haven't got the chance to take a good look at them. Got a black female, pretty poor but hoping to breed her to my male self black to get some better blacks when they're old enough :) and a cute I think satin female with a pretty greyish color.
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I'd be tempted to say that the first and third mouse are roan, can't tell if they're blue or black but since roan can cause the fur to be lighter I'd lean towards black
Anything agouti based would have ticking, so if you look at a hair shaft it will not be the same color from skin to the tip, it will be at least 2 different colors, roan is where there's white hairs in among the patches of color but each hair will be a single color so the white hairs will be white all the way through and the colored hairs will be colored all the way through
If the skin is blue but the hair shaft itself is one color then that would be expected from a blue based mouse, since the pigment tends to pool around the skin, if the hair shaft itself is blue then white then I would assume agouti based
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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