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I have a single male mouse, about 9 or 10 months old. I got him free from craigstlist in december 2021. he looked healthy from what I could tell when I got him. Recently I noticed a lump on his belly. I called my local vets and they wouldn't take him in. There are no exotic vets anywhere near me and I can't travel hours and hours to find one.
I check him daily and the lump has been the same size since ive noticed it, maybe smaller than half a pea. Its hard to take pictures when he wiggles around.
and also ive noticed hair loss/thinning and he's developed flaky patch on his back shoulders.
Felidae Whiskers Fawn Carnivore Snout

flaky patch on back/shoulders^^^
Whiskers Rodent Hamster Fawn Rat

thinning is more noticable on right side^^^
theres no completely bald spots, just thin hair.

He is still active, eats and drinks normally.
He is in a bin cage that gets cleaned a couple times a week.
I use Kaytee clean comfort bedding.
All Living Things: Market Melody mouse and rat diet food.
I also give him quick oats as treats, as well fresh carrots and cucumbers.
I have a big play pen for him to run around in, which i put timothy hay in a little box for him to dig through.

I cant take him to a vet, local ones wont see him and exotic ones are too far away.
i tried looking up things on google but found very little results. im at a loss right now, none of my previous mice have had this problem.
Is it old age? poor genetics? allergies to food or bedding or the hay? the treats?
if its parasites, where would they come from? the bedding or hay? why would it take 4 months for it to show up now?

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The hair loss and skin problems are most likely from parasites such as lice and mites. You can treat this at home. The bump needs to be addressed by a vet. It could be something as simple as a fatty deposit or as dangerous as cancer.
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